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Editing the styles in just one class

I’m going crazy with this one…
See my screenshot:

This particular object (in this case, the slider widget), has 2 classes attached to it, namely "slider’ and “sliderimage1”.

How do I select sliderimage1 and then edit the properties pertaining to just this class? It seems when I edit sliderimage1, the ‘slider’ class gets affected as well.


Based on your screen shot only “sliderimage1” will change when you change the style. If you want to change the settings of the first style use the button next to the style list to select which style you want to target.

Hope this helps

Hi Alex, do you mean this drop-down list to select the styles:

When I click on that button, this drop down list menu appears with the 3 rows of classes:
Row 1 : “Body (All Pages)”
Row 2 : “SliderCSS” “sliderimage2”
Row 3 : “sliderimage1”

I can select the 1st and 3rd row and see the style properties change according to the row selected, however, for the 2nd row, because 2 classes (“SliderCSS” and “sliderimage2”) are in it together, it seems impossible to select either one.
When I click on either class in the 2nd row, both gets selected.

Unless I’m doing something wrong :smiley:


Could you provide us a public link?

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