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Editing/renaming second level/folder navigation items

Hi there,
new webflow user here. I say hello. I see a nice and actice community. That’s good.

With a little help of the Carmen template I made my first steps today and tried getting familiar with Webflow. So far it is a nice experience.
Maybe I get my wires crossed, but I’m not able editing second level menu items in the navbar. Carmen has a (animated) mobile navigation, also on desktop, which is not visible in edit mode. .
I’ve tried setting the Hamburger Button (has an interactions mini circle) in loop mode for editing menu items,but does not help for second level/folder navigation.

To keep a long story short: any help for editing/renaming second level/folder navigation items is welcome.

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Hi when you are in the studio on the right side you have setting. Select the dropdown, be sure that you click the setting on the right side and there you will have an option to open the menu