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Edit only one breakpoint at a time

Is it possible to only edit one breakpoint at a time as I do not wish for example any changes done on the Mobile Landscape to cascade down to the mobile portrait?

Everything starts with the base breakpoint - from here, changes flow down/up the scale each side.

If you made changes to Mobile Landscape this would flow down to Mobile Portrait but not up to tablet, as this will inherit from the base breakpoint by default.

If you hover over each breakpoint it gives you a clue of its behaviour, for example: “991px and down” and “1440px and up”.

This does not answer my question. I’m already aware how the breakpoints cascade. I wanted to limit changes to one breakpoint only as per my question.

@Marnix_Garner- I believe the simple answer is you cannot. You are forced to work with the cascade since that is in the core CSS.

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As @webdev mentioned this isn’t possible in Webflow, and more so, this really goes against how CSS is designed to work.

You can always override the changes on the smaller breakpoint as a second step, but if you override these styles before making your changes to the larger breakpoint—meaning you re-confirm the styles you’ve already set, but looking change (they will be shown in blue)—it will prevent you from having to remember what your styles were set to initially.

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