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Edit Quantity Choices


I cannot be selling under 50 qty to be profitable. How do I edit the quantity drop down to start at 50 and increase in increments of 10 please?

Currently there is no product quantity minimum order amount in the backend. If you set the value of one to a price of 50 and indicated that on the product name, description and weight, you would be fine. If they selected two then you would be selling x 2 (50x2). Everything would work since weight could be calculated easily for shipping.

Nice thing about this approach is it would be product by product.

The only other alternative would be to have custom code manipulate the value of the QTY field based on a hidden field (a minimum order amount you added to the product collection. So if it was populated the code could update the quantity field or hide it and build a custom dropdown that set the value of the QTY field when added to the cart.

i just adjusted my pricing and copy so 1 = 50 qty.

How would I go about manipulating the QTY field based on an option. For example, in my case if a user selects option “4 (20% Savings)” set the quantity to 4

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Your help is highly appreciated. Thanks!

Hello! Did you find a solution for pricing based on quantity? I need a solution as well.

I tried multiple ways, but it didn’t work. I just added a quantity selector that adjusted the total price according to the price.

Take a look:

It requires some custom code and here it is a modified version of @Waldo code

    var plus = $(".input-number-increment");
    var minus = $(".input-number-decrement");
    var qty = $(".input-number, .cart-input-number");
      $(minus).on('click', function() {
        var input = $(this).parent().next();
        var val = parseInt(input.val(), 10);
        input.val(Math.max(val - 1, 1));

      $(plus).on('click', function() {
        var input = $(this).parent().prev();
        var val = parseInt(input.val(), 10);
        input.val(val + 1);

Thanks for the update