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Ecommerce style web shop without Webflow Ecommerce hosting

I currently have a client who wishes to use a Webflow ecommerce template.
They’re currently just using a simple buy button to sell their product and are not yet selling on Webflow but hope to do so in the near future. So they don’t currently need ecommerce hosting. If I add in their products to an ecommerce template, they appear okay at first, however the moment I update ecommerce settings to say adjust the currency, all products disappear or don’t display from the collection. I’m assuming this is because of their standard non ecommerce hosting. Is there anyway around this?

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To my knowledge, I don’t believe there is an option for you to update eCommerce settings in Webflow without having an eCommerce Plan.

However, this is a possible way for you to add modify that information through the platform providing the Buy Button instead. This way, you could host through Webflow and keep your eCommerce operations separate. This way, you still have the design freedom of the eCommerce template provided in Webflow.

What platform is powering the Buy Button? With this information, myself and other community members may be able to provide you more assistance.