Does E-Commerce not have an option to let customers sort by price?

Honestly I have never experienced such a bad e-commerce builder. I am hoping I am missing something, but from what I can tell, there is no way to let customers sort by price. Sorting alphabetically also has limitations.

If you go to my site (link below) and then click into the categories template, you will see a dropdown called “Sort Products”. I am using the F’n sweet CMS library but it looks as though there is no solution.

  • I can sort alphabetically, but since I have two options (sort A-Z and Z-A) the user has to click twice if one button is already pressed. It is hard to explain but if you click sort A-Z, no matter what, your next click on the sort A-Z button will search Z-A.

  • You can add a number field to products, but you can’t use decimals (whole numbers only). This is also double work and can lead to errors as it is another manual entry.

  • The filters cause the product size button (the squares in the menu) to reset as well.

Here is my link

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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I have resolved the issue. I’ll leave this up incase anyone needs to reference the solution (by going through the link).