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Ecommerce search functionality

Hi there…can anyone help me with an e-commerce question?

I’m planning on building an online record store which is going to heavily rely on the ‘product search’ functionality being exceptional. Does anyone know the limitations/possibilities of this via webflow?

For example,

  1. A customer would need to search for genre, sub genre, label and artist
  2. The ability to save preferences (via a check box)
  3. The ability to predict search results as you type
  4. Zero search terms (if an item is’nt available)

Any info on the possibilities would be amazing.



Webflow’s search functionality provides a simple way for user to find content on your site, it’s not as specialised as maybe, from what I can see on your post, you’re looking for.

If you’re looking for a search functionality like that you should consider other options like:

  1. Swiftype
  2. Findberry
    or my favourite:
  3. SearchIQ

At the end everything will depend on functionality and price.

I hope this helps