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Ecommerce cart and add to cart - i am so lost

Been messing with ecommerce for about 4 hours now. Sorely disappointed in how confusing ecommerce Webflow setup has been. Not intuitive or streamlined at all. I have about 40 questions, but I’ll start with this:

On an individual product page, I have added the “Cart” and “Add to Cart” components. Neither does anything particularly useful:

  • “Cart” brings up a popup modal window that has horizontal scroll bars, has no “proceed to checkout” link, and overlays with my main navigation on some dumb way. Where/how do I edit this Cart “page”?

  • “Add to Cart” does what it says, but it’s still bringing up the dumb “Cart” modal. Not clear how/where to edit this.

I have no idea what to do next. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks.

Read only link:

breakthrough: I was styling the “Cart” and “Add to Cart” buttons with classes I had previously created for other buttons on my test site. For whatever reason, these styles were causing the majority of the issues i was seeing. Which was…

50% of the cart popup modal was transparent and/or being covered up by other elements on the page. I messed with Z index on several elements on the page, but this didn’t help. Only when I removed the button class did things start to look normal.