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Ecommerce - B2B and B2C Pricing

Hey guys, I need your help.

Im building a webshop for a client. We need to sell to both B2C and B2B, that means we need two different prices on a product. The B2B products is behind a login page.

I have no idea, on how to do this.

  • How do i know if its a B2B or B2C?
  • How do i select the right price?
  • etc

Thanks in advance.

Webflow ecommerce can’t handle this and most other platforms need add ons / plugins. Once you start looking B2B / wholesale, client needs will vary a lot. Do the wholesale customers have the same pricing, volume incentives, tiers? Do you need to generate manual orders / net 30 days etc? You will need login / customer accounts - history. You might be able to work with @foxy on a solution.


@HammerOz - Thanks for the mention.

@Volander - This should be possible with Foxy + Webflow. Mind messaging or emailing ( more info on your specific needs?


Hay brother, I completely understand your point.

For b2c you don’t think a lot because b2c is very simple, But for b2b you have to research because there are few features that you have to add your b2b webshop, like request on quote, bulk order, etc., So here are few plugins which you can add in your store to make your store more effective for b2b customer.

@Zubair_hussain_khan welcome to the forum! A heads up, we’re strictly webflow-focused, and related software, on here. These are all woocommerce plug-ins…

Hey, brother, I totally understand your problem as I was going through them back in 2015 when I started my own webshop, but with time and some research, I understand that relevant plugins are life-saving like I use B2BWoo for my business as I deal in bulk quantity and many different plugins as well.

I’d suggest you to look for some relevant plugins.