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Ecommerce Analytics - FB Pixel & GA don't track half of our sales


I think this is a problem that many people have, but we couldn’t find any solution on the forum…

We have set up GA and FB Pixels integrations on our ecommerce website. The GA integration uses gtag.js for ecommerce tracking. We also have Advanced Ecommerce tracking activated in our GA account.

Everything seems to be set up correctly, but FB manager and GA still only track about half of our sales, and sometimes even less. We are loosing a lot of data and not able to optimize our ad campaigns efficiently because of that…

Could you please help?

Thank you!

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Hey Christine,

did you actually figure out what the problem is/was? We are experiencing similar issues, unfortunately. Same setup with GA & FB Pixels.

Do you have an idea why? or someone from the community?

Thank you!

Hi guys!

It sounds like you’re expecting it to reliably track 100% of what happens, but that’s an impossibility (for instance, most ad blockers will block Google Analytics, so there will be a chunk of internet users you won’t have visibility on).

It seems like 10% of traffic is probably lost in GA due to ad blockers. As such, GA isn’t really great for giving you “truth”. It’s better for overview and trend data.

If you’re looking for “truth” wrt your sales, try to look at Webflow -> Zapier integration to push to Airtable or Google Sheets, where you can trust the data.

Let me know if this helps.

Hey Daniele Calvo :wave:

yes, that’s very true. The problem is that it’s not 10% and also not related to ad-blockers. For those orders I see add-to-carts and /order-confirmation/ page views in ga. The thing that is missing in some (very random) cases is the “purchase” event on /order-confirmation/. Therefore no conversion hits. For some reason that event is not always fired.

We are by the way pushing webflow order data directly to google sheets :wink: but that setup is not really helpful when it comes to traffic analysis and budgeting.

There must be a way to at least track the orders from “visible” (meaning ga is active) users accurately. Has no one else similar issues or any ideas what might be the issue?

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