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Easy Webflow Canvas Resizer

I need an easy Canvas resizer.

For example see screenshot:

I need an easy way to change Mobile Height.

Why do we need this?

Some mobile projects uses VH peramiter.
Editing 100vh or 50vh makes mobile editing difficult because must manually shrink window height. It would be nice to snip in height width like this
to mke VH values make more sense to design to

Hi @miekwave

Good tip on this resizing app. I use it all the time, to check for mobiles and laptops views, among other things.

I saw your screenshot and wanted to add something: make sure you’re resizing the viewport and not the window.

Click on “Window” and select Viewport (canvas)

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This would be a great feature which would help a lot while designing with VH parameter.

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Nice tip. This is handy for checking in another browser.
Unfortunately clicking ‘viewport’ on browser resize app breaks webflow designer