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Easy way to merge different sites in one

Hi there!

I have been playing around with webflow and created a few different projects, and at this point I would like to subscribe to a personal plan and join all the different site projects into just one site, so they could be different sub-domains of the same domain. As far as I can tell, it is not possible to do that in an easy way, I mean, without re-doing the projects all over again, right?

I have also an off-topic small question, which seems to be a small bug.
During the loading of one of my websites, there’s this element always appearing awkwardly at the top left corner, and only after a while coming to the proper placement:
(I tried giving it some load attributes but it still performed this way.)
Any fix or workaround?

Thanks and cheers!

Hi @videocatalog

I think it could be possible only with paid hosting and connecting all that projects to your own subdomains

Thanks for your reply!
Does that mean that I would have to pay separate domain fees for each sub-domain?
If I could pay for one basic hosting (one domain) and have different sites as sub-domains without extra costs that would work for me.

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