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Additional Account Types Needed

Hello Webflow folks,

I am a small business owner using Webflow service. I might not be a typical user of Webflow but I looked for a long time, tested number of services before finding Webflow. I am in love with Webflow now because it gives me the power and flexibility to create and manage my own website the way I want.

IMO Webflow is the future where building and managing a websites is no different than writing word documents or doing layout of a magazine. I no longer have to stick to a few predefined templates created by my web designer and create a page based on the best way I think the content need to be presented.

I mentioned all this because, I remember I have heard from one of you guys that your intention was to create a tool for web designers and not the end user like me.

You guys currently offer two account types: Personal and Professional.
I am not going to have 10 subdomains each up to 20 pages or have with my current subscription and Professional level is too much and too expensive for me.

I have one website to create but with my subscription I cannot go beyond 20 pages.Although the subscription gives me 200 pages if I created subdomains but not on a single website.

Would you please review the Webflow subscription pricing? You will help me by either creating a new subscription level or simply considering total page caps allowed in Personal level instead of allowing them under subdomains.

Thanks you!

Well, I got no response to my question but definitely appreciate if someone like @thesergie could help me here. Basically I am working on a business website of my own which will include more than 20 pages. That most probably will be the only website I care about in the future.
I am hoping to be able host my site on Webflow for future easy maintenance using Webflow custom domain hosting.

I am stuck between account levels and not sure if any of them fits me and wonder what should I do?

  • Should I export the website and host it somewhere else or
  • Should I find someone with Team Account to take my site under their account or
  • Should I be hopeful that you guys will recognize single business website owners as membership type and offer a suitable subscription plans

Again I appreciate your insight…

Hi @asabbaghi, sorry for the late response! I must have missed this post while trying to reply to others. Please email me at and I’ll help you out. :slight_smile: