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Easy Way To Find & Remove Old Unused Actions?


I have a website that I’ve been using as my personal learning basic punching bag, and I finally have it (more or less) where I want it…but, because I was learning and trying a lot of different approaches and designs, it’s a friggin’ mess on the “Actions” side (I’m sure some of my layout solutions might frighten some people as well).

I started deleting actions I thought were unused, only to find I axed some currently in use. :man_facepalming:t2:

Is there a simple way to identify which ones are in use and which aren’t?

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I have a TON (many more as you scroll down)

Nice idea for webflow wishlist (Also a way to organize actions inside folders could be useful).

For now “no way” to auto select unused actions.

Well i’ll be damned. They just launched this option today. :grinning:

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HH nice and fast :slight_smile: great feature.