Easy solution for accepting custom payments for Dental Websites?

Hello Webflow friends. I’m curious if any of you have found a good looking solution for accepting custom payments online for clients like dentists or other medical professions. I find that the online tools they try to use to integrate are usually completely outdated and are still using interfaces and APIs from the 80s.

My clients hate this stuff, so they usually just try and find a different way to pay online that is seperate from the software they use in their office because most of them are so terrible, and then they just reconcile the payments after they get paid online.

Anyone have any go-to places for simply paying custom amounts online that I can easily embed in a webflow project?

I’ve looked through a ton, and most of them are all about invoicing, which I don’t need. Just a custom field amount for payment that works and looks beautiful.


Sounds like a perfect integration with Foxy! I’ve been working pretty deep in Foxy for the last week and I’m continuously amazed by how flexible the system is.

It does take a tiny bit of getting used to and the back-end interface can seem a little foreign at first, but they’ve got great support and Josh (@foxy) is a great dude and super willing to help. Plus, I think the pricing is really fair too.

Let me know if that helps! Happy to answer whatever questions about Foxy that I can. (Limited knowledge, but I’ll try!) :slight_smile:


@mattvaru Thanks for the mention and feedback.

@Bodwa Super nice to meet you! What you’re after is possible with Foxy + Webflow.
in fact, we’ve helped other Webflow users with seamless needs. Maybe we can hop on a quick phone/Skype call do discuss things in detail and get you a proof of concept? You can learn more about our integration with Webflow here: https://www.foxy.io/webflow


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Thank you @mattvaru and @foxy! Preciate the help on this. This is ultimately a decision that the client will have to make, so I’ve passed on the info to them and they will contact You guys if they have questions or want to move forward. Thanks again for the tips!



@Bodwa No problem at all. We’re here if you need anything.