Alternatives for Checkout integration


I am building a website for a company, they sell large scale courses for a lot of money per order- they usually talk to clients before and send them an invoice to pay, BUT they also want to have an option for clients to just check out on their website - credit card check out more than enough for them.
Even though this is an E-commerce functionality, the website is not E-commerce, and I don’t see a reason to make it that way just because of that integration.

Can anyone suggest a workaround (Plugin or another service) that would give me the option for credit card checkout?

Wish everyone a good day!

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Hi @Artur_Butvilovsky.
Josh from Foxy here. Our seamless integration with Webflow will allow you to do exactly what you’ve described. Setup pre-orders, a quote system, or sell like normal. You can even follow up with customers with a secure payment link once things are finalized.

More info about our seamless integration with Webflow can be found here: I’m more than happy to hop on a phone/Skype call to discuss your needs in detail and then put together a proof of concept. Just let me know.


Hey Josh,

Thank you for the suggestion, I will check out the website and will follow up if I have any question.


No problem at all. We’re here if you need anything.

Hey Artur, if your client needs to protect specific pages or content on the website (i.e. members-only) you can do that with MemberSpace. We also can handle any payment and account details they would need for members :slight_smile:

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