Easy method for making custom bullets

There’s lots of questions on the forum regarding bullets of different colors/shapes/images etc and one easy way of creating bullets of any sort is by using flex boxes.

  1. Create a flex box to act as the wrapper and set it to vertical direction column, justified to top.
  2. Put a flex box inside it naming it ‘flex item’ and set to Row - ie horizontal.
  3. Put an image into the flex item naming it ‘item bullet’ and set to 10% wide
  4. Put a para into the flex item, naming it para text, set to Expand.

That’s it. Copy and paste the flex item as required and put in any bullet image you like. The benefit of using this system is that the text is aligned correctly and you have complete freedom as to the bullet image you use. It can also be used when text is used as a bullet - eg ST1, Number 12, A15 etc.

Happy hunting.


This works just perfect… with tweaking.

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