Custom numbered bullet points

Need to create a tidy layout with custom numbered bullet points as per below example and the indent needs to be consistent:

Is this possible?

(I would have used tables but Webflow does not have this feature).

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Oh no not tables :smiley:

So your example is a list, and lists are supported by Webflow. Not all the parameters of lists though, so you’ll need a mix of lists elements and custom code.

What you’re after is CSS Counters. You can read here about it: CSS Counters: counter-increment and Friends - Impressive Webs

For the nested list with a. b. … you can use custom attribute “type” HTML ol type Attribute

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Your solution would take quite some time to sort and think it won’t quite work fully.

I have tried another way so far which isn’t perfect but a good compromise by bolding the number and selecting that box so I then can add padding for some spacing, along with character spacing (Shift & Space):

Just need a list with a, b, c, etc. Is it possible to set this for the list style? i.e < ol type=“a” >

Screenshot 2021-01-18 at 17.15.09

I’m not sure what entry needs to go in as I tried this and it doesn’t accept:
Screenshot 2021-01-18 at 17.16.44

Thank you.