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E-commerce platform recommendation


My client needs me to build her a website in which she’ll be able to sell 3 products, allowing payment via Paypal and all credit card options.
What would be your recommendation regarding the right e-commerce platform? I would love to use Webflow e-commerce platform, is it stable already?

Thank you!

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Webflow e-commerce beta doesn’t support PayPal at the moment. You can wait for the initial release, or use another website builder that specializes in e-commerce like Shopify, where you can immediately get mature features like Abandoned cart recovery, Discount codes, Sales channels, Manual order creation, Fraud analysis, Low fees, etc.


Thank you @samliew for your answer. What about or Ecwid?

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@foxy care to weigh in?

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@samliew Thanks for the nudge.

@Naama Sorry for the late reply. I head up our Webflow integration and have been out of the office with a new baby. :slight_smile: Foxy can definitely handle what you’ve described. We integrate nicely with PayPal’s different offerings. In fact, we’re a PayPal Gold Partner.

In addition, we can show you how to easily sell any type of product in Webflow. You can use Webflow’s CMS to manage products, or manually add them. It’s 100% up to you. More info can be found here:

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have further questions or need help getting started. If a phone/Skype call would be beneficial, we can make that happen.




You can opt any eCommerce platform like Foxycart, Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce and if you want to integrate eCommerce sopping carts with POS then you can go with “Omnichannel Commerce”.

Thank You


Thank you @foxy, you’ve been very helpful and congratulations for the new baby!!!

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Thank you @RobertoDainel!

Hi @Naama.
No problem at all. And thank you! We’re here if you need anything.