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Easy and highly customizable charting library?

speant all day looking at D3-based charting libraries. testing a few. all seem to fall short of my addmitedly very high demand: easy to use (non programmer) and highly customizable (every detail exposed and editable).

i felt i was getting pretty close with this one: - setup is fairly easy to grasp, and the css look fairly complete at first glance. but, then, i wanted to throw a gradient into the curve of my area graph… but no. i got this far - - decided to drop it into my site, but then noticed there’s some kind of padding in the chart i haven’t figured out how to get rid of. also, havn’t figure out how to customize the tooltip for it much, either.

all of these D3-based libraries seem aimed at developers, not designers. most of them, i couldn’t get past how to even install. and then, the rest seem not allow enough customization. i suppose in the world of the data scientist, they want to spend their time showing off data, not customizing everything.

any suggestions? i’m looking for something i can customize and implement into webflow in hours, not something i have to take a week-long online course in. i know, tall order. but, there seem to be so so many of these libraries out there now… hoping someone here has found something! let me know. thanks!