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E-commerce cart functions without the use of special services as shopify and etc


I want to implement a function -

  1. Press the button (in the button attributes are present)
  2. There is a shift to a page listing the items on the pages where the button was pressed.
  3. On this page there is a form, after filling which - on mail headers sent goods.

This is the basic function of the cart of any online store.

I want to make a basket without using third-party services. Only webflow instruments.

Unfortunately, this is just a long-standing wishlist item, with many duplicate requests which you can read about at the link below, and why this isn’t a priority just yet.

We apologize that you cannot currently do this in Webflow unless you are a JavaScript expert who is willing to spend 100+ hours coding up a solution directly in Webflow (3rd-party scripts are not supported by Webflow).

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