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Dynamic URL collection subfolder

So I want to create a URL like so


I have the CMS setup and I have created a folder like so

and within that folder I have a page setup like so

for the dynamic state at the end (in this case new-york) how to I go about doing this in the CMS

No way (yet) to create 3 levels for cms pages (And also in general folder inside folder).

Anyway the “all” sub folder in your case is not so important for seo (“all” is very general & not semantic). Maybe use filters.

So currently there’s no way to do something like

/locations/all/new-york or


I have two collections, one states and another cities by the way

Not today. I currently build structures like that in Processwire. Here is a demo.

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wishlist idea related:

Hi Jeff,

Any links/recommendations on how I can get started with this feature? I was a bit overwhelmed looking at their documentation.