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Dynamic slider with 5 slides showing in random order. Possible?

I have a Slider on a site that pulls in content dynamically from a collection. I have to bind each slide to the collection, and while I would love dynamic CMS components I understand they currently do not exist in Webflow CMS.

So, I am binding each slide to the collection but I want the entire Slider to display in random order. I tried doing this but all it did was pick a random item from the 5 available items for each slide, which winds up giving you duplicates on some slides. For example, you might get a list of slides that looks random but duplicate…

Slide 1 - Item #4
Slide 2 - Item #2
Slide 3 - Item #5
Slide 4 - Item #4
Slide 4 - Item #1

Item 3 from the filtered collection never showed in that example. Anyone know if there is a way to do this?

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