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Dynamic menus with nested collections


I’m trying to have a menu with submenu items completely dynamic.
I wish my client to be able from the editor to add/remove a main category (or direct link in case of subcategories are not needed) and then to show the subcategories on hover.

It felt natural to use a collection and then a nested collection inside a main menu symbol, still here are the limitations I’m facing:

  1. Nested collections can’t be added to symbols (ok, it’s quite irritating but hey, I don’t have a lot of pages, 10/20 copy/paste and I’m good)
  2. This is the horrible one: Nested collections doesn’t support custom order and filtering (well in my case it’s more about the order, but even not having filtering options is quite limitating)

So I’m quite new on this platform and I took a lite subscription to start my first webflow website… Still I feel quite strange about not being able to achieve such basic UI task with ease.

I’m thinking maybe it’s because I’m new on the tool and I’m missing some other/better way to do it so I ask for your support.

I guess everybody had to do this kind of menu quite often, how do you achieve it usually and what is your preferred way in such situation ?

Here is a public link with a test menu in order to have a visual idea: Dynamic menu and submenu with nested collections

Thanks a lot for your help,