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Dynamic links appending to site URL rather than re-directing

Hi all,

I’m bemused by an error I’m getting when trying to add external links through the CMS.

On the athlete pages (E.G of my site, I want to link to the athlete’s social channels. The links are generated through the CMS.

Despite entering just the social URL in the CMS, when clicking the links I get ‘’, rather than just the ‘’ URL entered in the CMS. It seems that the link is being appended to the main site URL.

Any ideas what’s happening here? Thanks in advance for any help…it could save my sanity!

Here’s my preview link:

Add https://



This is not webflow issue or bug.


The reason for this is that links without the protocol in front of them are treated as relative links, meaning the href property in your <a> tag will just be appended to the base URL of your site.

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@Siton_Systems thank you so much! That was indeed the issue and it was driving mad.