Collection links don't work properly unless URL includes 'https://'


I can’t get Zapier to add URLs into collection items properly.

When a collection link doesn’t have ‘https://’ in the link field, Webflow will publish as if the url were a subdirectory. For example:

Text in collection field:

What’s published:

When copying the URL manually into the link field, it adds the ‘https’ automatically. However, it doesn’t when it’s added through Zapier.

Does anyone have a fix for this? Thanks in advance.

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Heh, that is actually pretty handy.
It sounds as though webflow is simply storing the value directly with no checks and trusting you that it’s a valid URL path.

Best advice is just to prepare it how you like. You can use Zapier’s code or formatting steps to adjust the link properly.

If you have a domain in it, make certain it starts with a protocol like https://

If you want a relative path to a page on your site you could prepend a / so that it is correctly rooted.

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Indeed, but the links will come from a form and I can’t guarantee the users will add the protocol or not, so I’m a bit stuck on how to handle both possibilities.

Yep, welcome to the world of form validation and data processing.

I’d approach this at both levels-

  1. At the form level, add script validations to ensure that the user is entering a legitimate full URL.
  2. In the Zapier automation that is receiving that data, check and correct the URL before creating the CMS record.

If you’re trying to just rough out some validation you can probably force the input field to a type of URL, so that the browser will perform basic URL-formatting checks.

<input type="url" ... >

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