Anchor Link to a different page from CMS

I have some cards on my homepage that are pulling content from a CMS. There’s a button at the bottom of each card that links to the services page and I want it to anchor directly to that service from the card.

Normally I’d add external link and /services#marketing

but when I add a link in the CMS it doesn’t allow that and wants and http:// I can’t apply it manually to each card because the content is being pulled in from the CMS. What am I doing wrong?

Might need your read-only link to inspect. Are you using this method for the links?

You are doing it right, it’s a Webflow limitation, the CMS does not know anything about your site.
You have to use a full URL, e.g.

I also occasionally use this SA5 solution which allows you to use https://self/...

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