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Dynamic Hover treatment

Hi Webbie’s,

I am remaking a poster as a website, which is a dynamic version of the 12 angry men poster, the old poster you can see below. When you hover over the characters on the poster on the site. I want you to see the picture change to another picture with a different expression and a text blob somewhere with a bio of the actor. How can I make this?

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Hi @Aimanisms this article may help you:

Thanks @PixelGeek. This takes care of the text hover part. Even though I want the text to hover outside the element. But I can tweak that.

The question of the picture stays though. Do u have a solution for that one too?

Nvm, such slow slow slow incomplete answers here always.

Hey Aiman

What if lay two pictures on top of each other with absolutes and fade one out and the other in with interactions?

Like this:

In webflow:

(quick and dirty)

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