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Image reveal on hover

Hi Webflow experts,

There is an interaction in the third section of this site’s home page ( ) that I’d like to replicate on my site. Basically, hovering over a text block changes the image on the phone screen (screengrab of the section attached).

I’d like to replicate this on my site but I’m not sure just how to do it with web flow interactions. I took a look at this link ( ) but didn’t find anything similar.

Here is a link to the page on my site that I want to animate
( ) and I’ve included a screen grab of how I started to set it up.

Can anyone help?

Oh, i’m a designer, not a developer.


This part of my past workshop might help you:

Thanks @PixelGeek. Unfortunately I want able to pick out in the video what should have been helpful to me.

sorry about that. here you go :slight_smile:

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