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Hover effect on a picture

Ok… haven’t viewed all the training vids but search as much as I could. Some of the videos show examples of hovering over a pic and it fades to a dark tone while a text fades in. But so far I havent seen a training vid for thst effect. Have you guys come across it? If its not complicated, maybe post the steps here for us noobs. Thxs!

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Hey @cgmindd this may help :slight_smile:

Awesome! Just what I needed!

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Ok… followed it to the tee and worked except for one thing. Only issue I came across was after I was done fully, the dark fade in square was short on the bottom. I fixed it by adjusting it with the position pad by -12 px. what caused this cut off? I did set it to Absolute.

More importantly… after this effect is done, how do you tell it to link to another page?

I tried a few methods like adding another div box and putting the image link box inside. but its not working. Ill wai to see what the experts say.

Ok figured it out. You have to add a link block instead of a Image box.

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