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We had a site set up by a designer back in February and March. It had dynamic filtering using MixItUp for a set of documents that are displayed on the site. This was working great initially, and was set up using this guide ([https://webflow.com/blog/dynamic-filtering-and-sorting]). It was filtering based on a a CMS Collection tag.

We added a new category in the CMS collection because we had a new type of document to share. According to the guidance this is supposed to work out of the box - that is the feature of the CMS driven filtering. Indeed the new categories name got a filter button. But now all of the buttons result in the entire list of documents being hidden. Essentially everything is being filtered out regardless of which option is selected.

Any ideas on how to fix this?

Preview for the site is here:

Thanks in advance for any guidance!


Maybe I can ask @sabanna to have a quick look, because I went through again and tried to follow the steps in the tutorial very carefully, checking all the naming conventions and levels.

When I go in to Inspect the elements on the published site - the critical problem seems to be in populating the class names up from the category reference field up into the parent-parent element. That doesn’t seem to be happening for some reason. Would really appreciate any guidance.

Hi, @pchowla!

Somehow, class “mix” has been applied the div element inside of each collection item. It lead to the situation when plugin recognizes those divs as also items that should be filtered.

When user clicks “concept-note” filter, plugin only shows MIX elements that aslo have class CONCEPT-NOTE class applied. And, since those additional divs don’t have selected class, they got hidden as well.

This is why you can’t see results on the page


Image 2020-12-01 at 5.32.05 PM

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Thank you so much @sabanna, you are amazing! You diagnosed so perfectly. That fixed it and it works now.

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