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Dynamic effects before page load

Hey everyone,

My name is Jay and I’m new here.

I’ve been trying to learn how to code for a year on and off and found webflow to be the most awesome tool ever. Funnily enough, a couple months ago before I found webflow I told my girlfriend I want to create a software that does exactly this one day, because it should exist!!

Not sure if the host of those webflow videos is the owner or what, but beyond hilarious.

Theres my into, now to my question:

It might be simple to fix… I just cant figure it out:

I’ve given my buttons that link to other pages animations… however, the page loads before the button fully bounces or pops or whatever.

My brain tells me to look into investigating some sort of delay before page load and add it to the js separately… but again I am a preschooler when it comes to this.

Does anyone know how to get a button that is linked to another page to fully animate before the screen loads the linked page?