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Dynamic data display on click, dynamic marks on the map

Hello fellow webflow users,

I’m currently struggling to make to work a page with list of distributors.

  1. Search filtering a list of countries (I think this would help: Filter by search | How To - CMS Library by Finsweet)

The list would be generated from CMS and sorted by continents.

  1. Generate marks on the map from CMS data

  2. When a user click on a country from the list the data with distributor details is called from CMS and displayed in the box (#3 on the image) and the map is focused on the mark.

Also if a user click on the mark on the map a proper data is shown in the box (#3 on the image), without list filtering in this case.

I have no clue how to make second and third part to work.

This is deluxe version.
Enough version would be if the data in the box is shown either on list item click (without calling map mark) or the map mark click.
Just two different ways to find information.

I would appreciate any help.

Thank you

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