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Dutch page always links to english?

Hi everyone,

I made a site in two languages, but for some reason the Dutch news page doesn’t want to show. If I click on the menu on ‘nieuws’ it will load the ‘news’ page and if I click ‘NL’ while on the ‘news’ page, it won’t go to the ‘nieuws’ page. Even if I type in, it will load the page orange or red | news.
How does this happen and how can I fix it?

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Hello @samadesign
I think you might have set up a redirect by accident, that might be worth looking into.

Go into your projects settings and into tab named Hosting

After going to that panel scroll down to this section and there you might find something like this, if it says

/nieuws → /news just delete it and publish again and it should work.

Let me know if this helps and if you need any further assistance!

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