Canonical tag created by Webflow adds page query params, while it shouldn't?


We are using Webflow’s auto-generated canonical tag by configuring it in the site settings. This goes well everywhere, except for pages containing our blog articles. There the canonical tags contain weird page=<mumber> query parameters. I have searched this forum and found these are usually used for pagination purposes, but these pages have no paginated elements, so I think the query params should be removed from the canonical tag. Now Google Search Console reports an error containing:

Page is not indexed: Duplicate, Google chose different canonical than user

Below is a screenshot of the full report

How can we solve this?


Here is my site: Cargoplot
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Yes, I noticed this change in Webflow recently and support confirmed it. Apparently it’s a feature change that hasn’t been announced yet.

I’m not sure of their thinking on this, except that a lot of users were complaining that pages with paginated collection lists should have distinct canonicals. So many I wrote an article about it.

It’s hilarious that Google is identifying the new approach as incorrect. My best guess is google is measuring the content differences between the pages and in most cases it’s too small to treat it as a separate page.

Other than the ugly warnings, I don’t think you have anything to worry about, it’s saying it won’t index the paginated url because it identifies it as a duplicate.

They likely do- 3 different paginated collection lists from the looks of it. You may have the pagination elements hidden if you’re using something like Finsweet CMS Load.