Duplicated page doesn't work

So, I have one page full of interactions. All working fine. Then I duplicate that page, same custom code and no changes at all. Just duplicate.
The animations are not working (some of them).
Any idea? Is this a bug?

/egipcia working fine
/egipcia-copy not working

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Sorry I can’t happen to follow your link.
Check that the interaction are still affected to their respective elements, check that the actions inside of the interactions are still linked.

IX and duplication of content can have various results. As far as I know, when a page is duplicated, everything should work. Only the IX that are triggered from inside a symbol are duplicated, ut should still work.

I’ve found just a few minutes ago the problem. I had one interaction as “Selected element” that should be “Class”.
I managed to fix the rest of interactions, even if I don’t really understand what was wrong.
Thanks for your answer Vincent


Sometimes it’s best to move on, when it works :sweat_smile: