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Animation dissapears when I copy element to another page


This might be a user problem :blush:

But whenever I copy an element from one page to another the interaction connected to the element disappears.

Does anybody know why this is happening?

Yeah the animations work for elements on that specific page. Just add a new element on that page, use the same class, then re-activate the animation.

Now they did have a thread about animations in IX2’s new release having an issue - replacing elements in the interaction panel when the primary element was not on the page. It sometimes didn’t allow for a new element to be replacement. Contact support directly to see if there’s an update about this, they’ll tell you what to do.

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IX2 are page-specific, unfortunately. You cannot copy it to another page. Hopefully this is being worked on.

The only thing you may currently do is clone the whole page where your interactions were created and then build your new content on the top of that page (deleting all the unnecessary content of course).

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Thanks for the answers :slight_smile:
The cloning thing is a great idea.

I also hope they are working on this — it should be easy to copy an element and bring the connection to the animations along. But hey, there’s probably reasons for it.

Have a great designing weekend :slight_smile:

Yep, this topics and other popular options are in development and planned:

If you set your animation with classes you won’t run into this issue:

Hey, I was still getting the same issue here… any solution so I can copy someting and just have all the animations come with it?