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Choppy/jumpy interactions on duplicated page

I recently duplicated a page and am now editing that duplicated page. (i.e. duplicated Weddings page into new Elopements page)

When previewing the elopements page I’ve noticed that interactions seem to get choppy starting around my “What’s Included” section.

In the weddings page (the original) all interactions are smooth and behave properly in this same area.

The elopements page looks like a mess from the “What’s Included” section on down.

Is there something I need to be doing when duplicating a page with interactions? I’m feeling super stumped on this one.


ETA: I did some messing around and it appears the issue is that the duplicate page is using the same classes as the original page - i.e. classes aren’t given new names. Therefore, it seems that in some cases, if interactions are triggering classes of the same name on both pages, it screws up the interaction on the duplicated page (i.e. the elopements page in this case.)

On the duplicated page (the elopements page), when I duplicated the class and gave it a new name, and then gave that new class name to other similar elements that should also contain the same class, then re-added in the desired interaction, the interaction behaves properly.

Is this normal behavior? It seems to defeat the purpose of being able to duplicate content and interactions because it creates that much extra work. :confused: Unless perhaps there’s another way to make duplicating elements and interactions work as expected?

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And here’s a link to my published site with working custom code:

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It looks like it may be because your animations are applied to a whole class. So every time something scrolls into view that is part of a class animation, they ALL start over again. You may need to set up an animation that functions as an interaction trigger instead of a class.

Thanks @scottiejhaines - that’s a good point.

However, if that’s the case, why do the interactions work smoothly on the page I originally set them up on? If the interaction being applied to the whole class was the issue wouldn’t that also be an issue on the original page where I created the interactions?

Hello Kristine, That’s the same for me.

It works on original page but never in duplicated page ! I Don’t understand why ! This Webflow bug is super annoying. Did you finally found why?


original page:
duplicated page: Home settime
(Fyi it will not stay like this all day, I need to work today on original page,(unfortunately) because duplicated pages never work)