Duplicate Webflow project

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I wonder if duplicating a project takes exactly the same information with it as Classes, images and imported codes. What is the challenges and risks when duplicating a project. Does the duplicated project affect the old one?

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Hello @Daniel_Remes

Here is the documentation about duplicating projects.

Your project, styles, pages, assets, CMS will be copied to a new project. You can edit the subdomain and the name of your new project after it has been created.

! Duplicating a project preserves any custom code, custom fonts, and your favicon & webclip. All other project-wide configurations and settings such as form notification information and submissions, Versions, Collaborators, Billing, Google Analytics Code will be reset to default.

I think the main consideration is the custom code and fonts in the project settings. Really just a copy/paste to bring those settings over if need be.

Hope that helps.