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Symbols and classes on a duplicate project

Hi everyone!

I’ve been using Webflow for a while and was recently added to a team’s account. I’ve been reading about duplicating project, but still have some doubt about one thing: if I duplicate a project, and move this duplicated project to a different folder of the same team, will the changes I make to symbols and classes affect the original project (in a different folder)?

I’ve already renamed the symbols - just to be safe, but there are plenty of classes, and duplicating them all may take a while (and I’m still at risk to miss some). So if the changes I make in a duplicated project don’t affect the original, that’d be great.

For context, and if it may help with getting an answer: I won’t need to merge anything back in the original file, and I also won’t need to sync future updates, the duplicated project will be a standalone website of its own.

Thanks a lot for your support, and my apologies if the question seems really basic, but I’d rather be safe than sorry :slight_smile:


Hi @guillaumed47, if you duplicate a project, it will be completely separate from the original project, class changes or any other changes made in the duplicated project will not affect the original project.

I hope this helps!

Learn more about how “Duplicate, transfer, or delete a project

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That’s really helpful, thanks a lot Dave! I’m very relieved to hear there will be no impact on the original project :slight_smile:

Have a great day,

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