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Duplicate // double slash URL's

Very strange but there seems to be 2 URL’s generated on some of my pages from the CMS. The duplicated one has a // double slash.

I found 2 other users with this problem, but neither of them received any reply:

See attached for a screenshot of the report from our SEO agency showing the duplicate URL’s with the // double slashes:

So we have 2 pages appearing eg:

Best Productivity Software For Small Businesses | GetBusy
Best Productivity Software For Small Businesses | GetBusy

Here’s a read only version of the website: Webflow - GetBusy

Does any super star community member know what the issue might be causing the duplicate page and double slashes?

Hello, Matthew.

Did you manage to solve this problem?

I’m trying to solve it too.

Interesting find. I just tested adding multiple slashes on both regular pages and Collection items and webflow loads the pages anyway. Example com///////////////resort///////accommodations. So this really should not be happening. For this to change Webflow would need to tweak its hosting. Open a ticket and see what they say.

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