DSGVO coming into power in europe

Hello everyone and especially my european colleagues.
As you have probably already heard, the new Data Protection Ordinance (DSGVO) will enter into force throughout the EU on 25 May 2018.
Unfortunately, the already difficult to understand data protection jungle is becoming even more confusing for all of us in the EU.
My question as a new webflow user to you would be how to implement the new data protection requirements, such as contact forms, in your webflow projects.

Hello @cmg

This article will help you:

Hey @aaronocampo,

thank you very much for mentioning this article. It indeed helps on some issues but lets open some of them.

CDN’s for example. We would all agree that using CDN’s like Google Fonts, FontAwesome or the google ajax api make our lifes much easier. The problem is the legal sytsem doesnt think that way because other then in your article even the IP of a user counts as personal data. As you know google fonts for example need the users IP to send them font data to show the proper text.

To complie strictly to GDRP in europe we have to host fonts etc. for a website localy where the website is hosted.

My question is if it is possible to download the whole package to host it where the website will be published or do you have a approach to meet the idiotic GDRP requirements.

In hope for a positive answer to move multiple projects …

Short how to loose all of these Unbenannt