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Dropdown text is not wrapping / breaking

My text inside of the dropdown-list is not breaking when resizing the the browser window.
.dropdowntext {white-space: normal;} I tired this code, but it didn´t worked.

I´m glad for any help.
Screencast of the problem

Here is my public share link: LINK

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@Nilson This looks fine on my pc. In case you’re still having trouble you can try out webflow’s built in ‘Breaking’ property under the Typography menu

@dennyhartanto Did you tired to open one dropdown list and then resized the browser width? (It works fine in the designer, but not on the published site!)
Here is a screencast of the problem.

Can you share the published link? The dropdown doesn’t seem to work as it should in preview :frowning:

I’m referring to the published / link

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Did you try setting width: 100% in the dropdown open interaction? Sometimes you need to add the width 100% even though you only want the height to animate.

I’m guessing this would solve it because the width is set inline.

Yes! That worked. Thank you :blush:

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