Heading text (sourcing from collection) won't line break on mobile view?


I have a simple open/close dropdown which I’ve used loads of times.
This is a basic FAQ question/answer function. However the questions are long and on mobile view, they simply refuse to break to a new line. Instead they keep flowing horizontally behind the screen. The heading is sourcing from a CMS collection. Is this a bug in Webflow? I’ve never seen this before and I’m not using any class to cause it to behave this way.
Any ideas?


There is a style applied on Dropdown Toggle, that doesn’t let the text break.

So either remove that or you can apply Breaking = Normal from Webflow’s panel.

Check the screenshot.

Hey, thanks for this. This has to be a bug in Webflow so as there is no class on this Dropdown Toggle. i.e. this is default Webflow styling. Even though by default it was set to ‘Breaking: Normal’ I had to actually set this style for it to properly break on mobile.