Dropdown selection isn't interacting properly

My website preview is HERE

Where is the issue: The “Contact Me” section

Contact forum > Dropdown menu’s interaction isn’t working the way I want it to… maybe I’m doing this completely wrong.
When you click on the select option, the dropdown works fine. Even selecting the options included, works fine too. However, I want the drop to go back up automatically when selecting an option. It just stays dropped than rolling back up.

A simple example is just this - a9987e8fd92d1649372f0e7659bc2dd6

Webflow’s contact form, whenever you select an option the drop menu closes automatically.

Any help will be appreciated! :relaxed:

Preferably if it’s okay - To record your solution. It’ll be easier for me to go along. Thank you either way!

You’re using the wrong element for your form:


When I use select instead of the dropdown form, do you know how to input a ‘order a commission’ and ‘ask a question’ show/hide tab?