Contact Form Drop Down not showing selection

I’ve created a contact form with a Drop Down “How did you hear about us?”. Im having two problems…

  1. When the viewer selects their drop down choice it doesn’t show up in the form. Not the end of the world but l want them to be able to see what they chose or they may think they didn’t actually select anything.

  2. When I receive the form submission email, in the How Did You Hear About Us field instead of seeing what they chose Im seeing the field number like “second” or “third” etc.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks so much.

Hey Deanne!
I tested your form, after choosing something in the select field, it did show up instead of the placeholder.
I checked what data was submitted to WF and I got this:


So WF receives the selection. Do you see the value inside the “Project Settings” under the “Form” tab?

In the Settings for the form submissions you can choose how the email is populated, I’ve had issues with that in the past too.

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