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Dropdown nav not working properly in Safari


I have two dropdown links in my nav bar. They work perfectly in Chrome but not in Safari - when you’re not completely hovered over the dropdown, it immediately disappears.

Bizarrely, the same dropdown works perfectly in Safari when I use my test domain. The same exact site, settings and browser, yet two different behaviours.

Can anyone advise please?


Can anyone help with this? @webflow? Extremely frustrating, really damaging the site navigation for key pages.

Hi @JamieD and Webflow,

We have the exact same bug, causing Safari visitors not to be able to use our site at launch. Here’s our open forum question:

Haven’t received a support response yet either. I have an open bug bounty on Upwork to find a developer to try to figure it out.

In the meantime, I am considering building another nav panel for Safari users and using javascript to detect the browser and show it accordingly. It will be hack but will get them something in the meantime.

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