Drop down links not working on Safari


I’m having trouble with this site’s navigation: michelleurtecho.com

Whenever you open the dropdown and try to click a link it just closes the whole thing. This happens only in Safari. Chrome and Firefox are working great.

I tried:

  • Changing z-index
  • Checking if the popup was not hiding correctly (it does)
  • Adding a touchstart function to those links

I appreciate any help you can give me. The website is already published and getting many visits. People are writing like crazy about this.

Thank you!

Here is my site Read-Only: https://michelle-urtecho.webflow.io
(how to share your site Read-Only link)

The only fix I could find was creating the menu again. (I used the same classes and for some reason it works now)

Hope it helps someone.

I have exactly the same problem, newly created Dropdown element links does not work on Safari OS X only!

The dropdown opens on click, but when you click on a link, nothing happens. The only way it works if I tap on the mac trackpad (only if I tap and not click).

Please help!

Hi everyone,

This was brought to our attention earlier today by another customer in support. It is a Safari bug. Our team is currently working on a patch for this now. Looks like it could be an accessibility issue.

When I know more I will post on here again.

Have a Great Day and Happy Designing,
~ Brandon

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Thank you, I will be waiting for the solution…

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Hello @Edgaras,

I removed a div that was inside the Dropdown Container. I don’t know if this may be helpful for you!

Hmm I don’t think in my case I have any divs:

Oh, it was worth a try. We also removed the collection in our case and added that manually.

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There seems to be a recent change in Webflow that causes a dropdown menu to close whenever a click occurs anywhere in the dropdown menu. Is this a bug or intentional change?

I don’t believe this is browser specific because I’m using Chrome and have 2 copies of the same site. As soon as I published one of the copies, I began seeing the behavior where the dropdown menu closes when clicked. The other site that has not been recently published does not display this behavior.

Here’s a video that better shows what I’m seeing:



In my case I tested on Firefox and Chrome it works, even it works on mobile Safari. But not OS X Safari.

Hi Brandon, the bug isn’t only on Safari for some people. I am suspicious that it cames from not using dropdown links as children. If it is the case it should be clear in the doc that regular div blocks are not supported anymore.
See my issue: Dropdown closes when clicking dropdown list bug

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UPDATE! It started working for me today without changing anything :blush:

Hey guys, seems like i have another dropdown issue (in Chrome. Everytime i try to open one of the embedded dropdown menus it instantly closes.
>>read only mode<<<
—> i needed to find another way how to display the content thats why the dropdowns are hidden now

>>>Screen Record<<<

Hi! Exactly the same issue here as described by @cspags. I also use Jetboost so it is the exact same error. It is an important feature of my site that now is not working. Any updates?

@Talentroo_HQ a temporary solution is to set your dropdowns to “Open menu on hover”.


Hi all,

The fix was pushed through this morning. You will just need to republish your sites if you do not see an immediate fix.

Have a Great Day and Happy Designing,
~ Brandon

Hey Brandon,

The bug is still there in Safari. No links are clickable in the dropdown menu, working fine in Chrome etc . All links, hit area etc all good but the click event isn’t firing.


Fix doesn’t seem to change anything. @cspags temporary solution to switch to “Open menu on hover” worked great though.

Hi everyone,

We just pushed a fix for this through. Can you each republish your sites and let me know if there are any additional issues that arise?

Have a Great Day and Happy Designing,
~ Brandon


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