Dropdown Nav Alignment

I’m back with another issue that seems like a fix should be… so… simple. Yet after much investigation on the forum, watching some (excellent) Webflow University videos, and numerous rebuilding of the nav… I don’t know what I’m missing. All the nav links on the HOME and ABOUT pages on the site I’m working on align as expected… but then on every other page… the dropdown nav is misaligned. I saw some older posts from a few years ago on the forum that addressed this same issue, but the fix as described then doesn’t seem to work on my site now. If you’re so inclined… perhaps you might take a look at things (see links) and help me learn what so far, escapes me. I appreciate any help that comes my way… thanks very much!



Somehow, in all my forum research I missed a solution to a similar issue as I was experiencing. Immediately after I set the nav buttons container to flexbox and then adjusted child positioning… my alignment issues were history. Of course, I still don’t understand how the nav as it was set up previously work on some pages, yet not on others… but for now, I’m happy to let that go.

BIG thank you to @vincent for reminding me to think through the core issue and possible methods to resolve it BEFORE beginning to tweak away manually with padding or margin or… whatever else. Sometimes my instincts still lean a bit too heavily on my print design history!