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Navigation Layout & Alignment

Hi Guys,

I am quite new to coding but really struggling to get navigation items to line up as well as the mobile nav version to align correctly.

Is there a way I can learn how to make sure stuff lines up and isnt all over the place. There are so many options and settings when it comes to layout it is quite confusing. is the site, is there any suggestions for getting the nav right, some are normal links and some are dropdowns.

I keep feeling like I am overdoing it with the styles for each item.

Thank you

Here is my public share link: Client Website LInk
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You don’t give visually different elements the same class. Here you have a dropdown-link in a dropdown-link. Both have paddings, so the inner dropdown-link has the same paddings as it’s parent.

Outer dropdown-link

Inner dropdown link is this large (same padding as outer)

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Thank you Sam! :slight_smile: I will give it a try!

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